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Long ago, monsters known as the Ternarium arrived in Dracadia through a strange rift that tore open. They had only one objective which was to destroy everything they could. Overwhelmed, the people of Dracadia sought help from the Gods of their world and the divine beings gifted them a new weapon to fight back. Dragons. These special creatures would mentally bond to a person upon hatching and were diverse in abilities and style, but they shared one thing in common. Love and devotion to the one they bonded to and an unyielding desire to destroy all Ternarium. Massive establishments called Forts were built as the last hope for humanity. They were a city onto themselves to house these Dragons and Keepers, training them for the war against the eternal enemy.

What we have to offer:
+ A setting inspired by Gary Gygax's Dungeons and Dragons and Anne McCaffery's Dragonriders of Pern
+ Four different playable races and dragon species
+ Dual Bonding capability
+ Site shop and currency
+ Player hosted events
+ Non-dragon keeper options, and open ranking positions for starting members!

Upcoming Events:
+ 18th Hatching will be August 18th
+ Investigation Plot
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