Miami 1984 REDUX - Freshly Revamped!

Miami 1984 REDUX - Freshly Revamped!

Postby danirat » Sat Jun 17, 2017 9:49 am

Across the ocean, the Soviet Union is in peril. The economy has stagnated, citizens are no longer afraid of "the American threat", and personal nationalism drive a desire for individual states. The supernatural denizens of the U.S.S.R. fear that staying in their home countries, with flagging birth rates and dangerously controlling governments, might mean the end of their kind.

A group of Soviet vampires, led by a secretive leader (or leaders) known only as the "Krovi", or quite literally, the Blood, have decided to take their chances in a city filled with immigrants. The bloodsuckers made their way via a massive transport ship to the cargo bays of Miami, only to spread out once within the city itself.

The Krovi have never been seen, not even by their vampiric underlings. They dwell in the basement of LIVE, the Soviet vampire's nightclub. These headquarters are surrounded by cameras and guards, and no one is allowed access to the basement rooms where the Krovi reside. Instead, messages are delivered between the Krovi and their underlings through computers, a small screen and keyboard accessible just outside of the solid steel door.

There have been other immigrants as well - werewolves who have tired of the frozen tundra of Siberia, who resent Soviet rule, who have come to Miami to make their own fortunes. Add them to the thousands of Haitian and Cuban refugees and Miami is full to the brim with humans and supernaturals alike, from a variety of countries.

The problem is, there have been vampires and werewolves in Miami for centuries, and no one likes it when newcomers try to take over their turf. The intrusion caused a chain-reaction of violence, and now law enforcement local, federal, and international has descended upon the city to try and take back the streets.

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