Mithra Weyr

Mithra Weyr

Postby Otter » Wed May 24, 2017 7:51 pm

10th Pass | Non-Canon | 1+ Year Strong!

Mithra Weyr is a 10th Pass AU Pern Universe where AIVAS failed to rid Pern of thread. Instead, it irradiated the creatures of the planet, causing major changes in the planets dragons, whers and firelizards. With new colors throughout them all, and whers who are leaner, smarter and have now gained the ability to fully fly.

The elder Weyrs, so very set in their ways and considered 'old school' are appalled by the mutations riddling Pern. They have completely pushed away all mutations, those born there stay long enough to graduate Weyrling training and move elsewhere. When mutations started popping up more frequently the need for another Weyr was evident, so Mithra Weyr was founded nearly eighteen turns ago. Home and refuge to the outcasts, the mutations, those not deemed good enough for the older Weyrs, as well as those who don't believe in their ideals. Gold queens have become even more rare since the mutation started, worrying a lot of the planet, especially Fort and Benden.

» Currently Our staff is currently pushing to revamp the site, and with that everything is as if it were new. In order to see for yourself, come join the fun. We will be hosting a hatching in the upcoming month, and we will need candidates. There is plenty available on site, so come join the fun!

We are in need of anything you want to throw at us! Check our availability thread for more information. We'd really love to see a member played Weyrling Master, more mature dragonriders and wher handlers and we of course always need candidates! Come join in our fun! We'd love to have you!

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