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Keroon | Some New Weyr

Postby Keroon » Sun May 28, 2017 9:17 am

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Have they flown to some new Weyr
Where cruel Thread some others fear?
Are they worlds away from here?
Why, oh, why, the empty Weyr?

At the beginning of the 8th Interval, a tithe train arrives at Fort Weyr to find the Weyr alarmingly empty and abandoned. A search of the other Weyrs finds the same thing, Fort, High Reaches, Telgar, Igen, and Ista, all five Weyrs are completely empty with no trace of where all the dragon riders have gone. Benden Weyr is left as the only surviving riders and since Thread is no longer falling, the mystery of the missing Weyrs becomes a bedtime story for young children and a riddle passed along through the turns in Harper song.

Then the unexpected happens. Thread begins to fall once more, leaving the Holds at its mercy and under the protection of only a single Weyr. Out numbered and stretched beyond its limits, Benden pleads for people to move closer.

A lone Fisher craft crew finds itself swept out to sea where it makes landfall in a Thread-free and beautiful land. The discussion is swift, and the move begins. Keroon founds the first Weyrhold on the Southern Continent, settling in to the tropical Paradise with ease and relief. But Benden, raised on stories that disaster will befall Pern should the Weyr ever be left unoccupied, remains behind. With only Benden Hold to protect, their numbers are better suited to survival. But the winters have long since become colder and far more harsh and without the Tithes from other holds, it is a struggle to make do.

Turns later Keroon, who has since welcomed two new dragon colors, Silver and Indigo, finds itself once more at the mercy of Thread. Long since having lost the knowledge to fight it, will they reach out to a pirate-like Benden for aid, or will they fall to Pern's age old enemy?

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