Santa Verda [Premium Jcink | 18+]

Santa Verda [Premium Jcink | 18+]

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Welcome to Santa Verda!

A city located on the coast of the Pacific, depicts a world in which vampires, shifters, angels, demons, and other creatures shape human history. Each supernatural species has its own secret laws and hierarchy that extend beyond the laws of society as we know it. The mortals, while oblivious to the true existence of the supernaturals, know that something is amiss in the city of Santa Verda, but often never pursue such fantastical things, simply for their own self-preservation and sanity, while there are others who are more ambiguous and curious by nature to dig into the unknown; however, more times than not, are never seen or heard from again.

While it’s hard to keep up with all of the ongoing of the city, being largely overpopulated and understaffed, strange happens always occur, such as inhumane deaths, ghostly hauntings, or divine miracles, but all are unexplained. The supernaturals strive to preserve their existence by keeping themselves a secret, but there are still those who don’t care, believing themselves far too superior to be bound by ancient rules, and have little discretion, exposing their true natures to the mortals. This, of course, leaves others of their kind to clean up their messes and cover up the truth from the humans.
Santa Verda

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