Concealed secrets [jcink], original modern supernaturals

Concealed secrets [jcink], original modern supernaturals

Postby -Spectre » Thu Jul 06, 2017 10:36 am

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Welcome to present day Chicago, Illinois where the preternatural live among us and crime dominates the "Windy City". Draugr (vampires), Skinwalkers, and Witches remain hidden in fear that exposure will result in experimentation, war, or even death. Hunters hot on their trail, but also risk exposure. Supernatural groups and Draugr Covens to offer a safe haven to their kind. Theft, murder, prostitution, and drug run the city. Crime is on its all time high with the mafia and gangs hiding their identities, expanding their territories under the law enforcement noses. The police and FBI running ragged trying to instill peace, order, and protection within city. In a society where everyone has their secrets, what lengths will you go to hide your own or discover the truth?

*Friendly community!
*Character and plot driven!
*Intermediate to advance original site
*Mafia, Law, Crime, Packs, & Covens

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