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Second Wizarding War

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Second Wizarding War

Postby twufoo » Mon Jan 06, 2014 6:40 pm

All threads for this should go in the Second Wizarding War subforum!

Let's set up connections and past threads for the Second Wizarding War! Respond here with whatever your character was doing during it, look through the existing list, and maybe you can brainstorm up some thread ideas with someone else!

You can respond to this thread with chatting/plotting/whatever!

Resistance Groups
Individual Character List
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Re: Second Wizarding War

Postby twufoo » Tue Jan 07, 2014 11:16 am

Second War Resistance Groups

Sign your character up for a resistance group and gain them some close war contacts, drop your character's dead friends and loved ones names here to have been wiped out in a resistance disaster, or make your own resistance group and flesh out your character's history!

created by twufoo

Location: Mostly in the UK, with a couple cells in mainland Europe
Leader: Judith Sparks, multiple others
Number of Members: estimated ~70
Resistance Focus: Varied
Notes: The Rabble Alliance was the largest resistance organization during the war and had multiple ties to the muggle military. The Alliance grew to about 8 resistance cells, and each cell contained anywhere from 5-10 members. Each cell tended to have a slightly different focus, ranging from overtly aggressive ones to defensive safehouses that attempted to secure portkeys or forged documents to smuggle muggleborns out of the country. One member from each cell was in communication with the leaders of the other cells, forming a loose command group. This way, they minimized the risk to the entire group if a member was captured and interrogated.

Spoiler: Known Members show
This is a rough listing of cell affiliation. Members sometimes leave certain cells, join different ones, are recruited, or killed. Leaders of each cell are in italics.

The Skywalker Cell

The Ackbar Cell

The Endor Cell

The Dagobah Cell

The Calrissian Cell

More Cell Names: Antilles, Organa, Kenobi

Spoiler: Expanded Information show

The Alliance was "officially" founded in mid 1996 by a Judith Sparks who had spent the year prior laying out the groundwork for the organization. She immediately recruited a small group of loyal contacts with ties to the muggle military. Shazad Athari and his group of friends were among the first people they recruited. The Rabble Alliance was first named as a joke by Shazad, and the name has stuck since then. The initial group soon split into the Ackbar and Skywalker cells. With multiple ties to the muggle military, these cells tended to be well equipped with muggle weapons.

    The Skywalker Cell
    Focus: Training, Supplies, Support, Military Intelligence
    Notes: Judith Sparks ran an extremely tight ship in this cell. Detail-oriented, thorough, and paranoid from her years working as a spy/witch watcher, security and intel were top priorities for her. Communication was often accomplished via protean charmed objects activated by specific codes. All communication was encrypted or protected with ciphers. This cell provided valuable intel and supplies to the other cells and coordinated large scale operations that involved more than one cell.

    The Skywalker cell moved around frequently, and its location remained a mystery to most of the other cells with one notable exception. They also maintained several different locations where new recruits could be brought for an intensive 10 day training program. The recruits worked with Reggie Malone or another trainer, and they never saw the other members of the Skywalker cell for security reasons.

    The Ackbar Cell
    Focus: Military Strikes, Guerrilla Warfare, Sabotage
    Notes: Marion Dangerfield led the Ackbar cell, whose fighting style was aggressive, sneaky, unconventional, and militaristically disciplined. They coordinated heavily with the Skywalker cell to plan their attacks and were well equipped with muggle weaponry. The Ackbar cell was highly mobile and avoided staying in one location for too long.

    Instead of going to the Battle of Hogwarts, the Ackbar cell went north and fought a group of giants that were supposed to join the battle at the school. They used muggle explosives to take out a large number of them without casualties to the cell.

    The Endor Cell
    Focus: Rescue, small scale skirmishes
    Notes: Formed by a group of close Hufflepuff friends led by the popular Davis Hawthorne, the Endor cell was a later recruit into the Alliance. They were nearly wiped out after Genevieve was captured, tortured, and revealed the location of the other members. In the attack that followed, Davis and Saffron were both killed, and the cell dissolved. The remaining members went their separate ways, either going into hiding or joining different resistance cells.

    The Dagobah Cell
    Focus: Rescue, small scale skirmishes
    Notes: The Dagobah cell was one of the more disparate groups in the Alliance. It was formed by a reclusive German muggleborn member of the Wizengamot, Maud Wolff, who served in both the First War and against Grindelwald's forces in the early 1940's before retiring her place among the Aurors at the age of eighty-seven. Maud worked alone initially, the cell gradually taking shape as some of the people she'd rescued from Snatcher attacks insisted to remain and pay forward that favour. The Dagobah agents switched safehouses several times throughout the war, before finally settling in a small unlisted house in the Cotswolds known as Bramble Cottage, where they remained until Voldemort's defeat.

    They also fought at the Battle of Hogwarts, where one member was killed in the conflict. Following their funeral and the declaration of peace, Maud vanished and has never been seen since.

    The Calrissian Cell
    Focus: Rescue, Guerrilla Attacks, ?
    Notes: coming soon?

created by Belle

Location: Under a muggle shopping mall in Enfield, North London suburbs.
Leader: Gage Ryker
Number of Members: 10-12 medical and support staff plus 3-5 guards.
Resistance Focus: Healing resistance fighters and innocent bystanders.
Notes: There would have been few if any pureblood staff in the clinic, and priority was given to those with links to Gage during the First War - either old comrades, or their children.

Spoiler: Known Members show

Spoiler: Expanded Information show
In 1996, following the official announcement of Voldemort's return, First War veteran Gage Ryker located a disused clinic in Enfield through some muggle contacts, and went to work clearing it out to be used as an emergency medical centre for the resistance. He assembled a small team of medical staff and a few MLE agents to serve as guards, and they established a system of shifts, many of them splitting their time between the clinic and their jobs at St Mungo's.

After the Ministry was taken over by Voldemort's forces, the majority of the staff left their posts at St Mungo's to work full time at the clinic, which saw hundreds of patients a week and was the only place in magical Britain where muggleborns could be treated without fear of being reported and incarcerated.

Once the war was over, and the St Mungo's Satellite Clinic had been established in the newly-liberated Ministry, Gage's first act as Medical Director was to offer a job to all those who had helped staff the resistance clinic.

created by twufoo & Belle

Location: Two miles outside Marlston, Berkshire.
Leader: Vittorio de Laurentis
Number of Members: 12, including 2 medical staff.
Resistance Focus: Militant confrontation with Snatchers and Death Eaters, large-scale warfare, production of explosives, some rescue.
Notes: Other than Gavi and Ashlyn, all permanent occupants of Hawthorn Farm were killed by Death Eaters under the leadership of Caius Cinder on December 14th 1997.

Spoiler: Expanded Information show
Knowing that Voldemort would seek revenge against his betrayal in the First War, Vittorio began fortifying several bases as soon as he was rumored to have been seen in that Triwizard Tournament of 1995. He contacted some of the aurors that he had worked with in the First War, first working on building storehouses of supplies in case war broke out, then actively striking against Voldemort's forces in 1997. Vittorio never planned on becoming a leader, but somehow fell into the role. The attacks he planned were focused on inflicting maximum damage to the other side; the actual saving muggleborns part of the resistance was of little concern to him.

After the Ministry takeover, several allies needed a hiding place, and the farm was already hidden and heavily fortified, so they began staying there. As the number of occupants rose, he grew increasingly uncomfortable and was about to change locations when the attack occurred and wiped out the resistance unit.

created by Belle

Location: The River Thames, London.
Leader: ?
Number of Members: 5-7.
Resistance Focus: Intelligence, forgery.
Notes: This group was one of the few to lose no members at all during the war, though the nature of their work left several former agents with extreme stress and post-traumatic symptoms, and many of them either abandoned the Ministry or committed suicide in the years following the conflict.

Spoiler: Known Members show

Spoiler: Expanded Information show
Known only as Intel, this outfit was one of the smallest and most secretive of the resistance groups established during the war. Many of its members were sourced from the Ministry's Investigator section, using their privileged MLE access to funnel information from undercover and double agents among the Death Eaters to the larger and more militant resistance groups. They also forged proof of magical ancestry for muggleborns undergoing interrogation by the Muggleborn Registration Commission.

The Dream Catcher was the group's base of operations, inherited from a distant relation by one member. It proved to be particularly good at remaining untraceable as, although its original docking point was Lambeth Pier, the crew travelled up and down the Thames on a random schedule throughout the war and were never discovered.

If you'd like a character to join an existing group, PM the group's creator to coordinate. Respond with the code below to be added:
Code: Select all
[code][url=LINKTOPROFILE]Character Name[/url][/code] is part of GROUP NAME.

Spoiler: submit your own group show
Code: Select all
[b][size=150]GROUP NAME[/size][/b]
[i]created by YOURNAME[/i]
[500x300 IMAGE]

[b]Number of Members:[/b]
[b]Resistance Focus:[/b]

[spoiler=Known Members]
[spoiler=Expanded Information](Optional)[/spoiler]

Spoiler: inactive groups show
created by Inspector Javert

Location: The London Underground
Leader: Ian Prichard
Number of Members: 5
Resistance Focus: Guerrilla strikes against death eaters using combined muggle and magical tactics.
Notes: This group was hodge podge in every sense of the word. It was made up of Prichard and 4 other witches and wizards who defied an order from one of Voldemort’s cronies. They escaped into the London Underground and set up a camp in an abandoned tunnel. Prichard used his hit wizard experience and his time in Vietnam with the French Foreign Legion to organize small but effective raids against Death Eater interests.
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Re: Second Wizarding War

Postby twufoo » Fri Mar 14, 2014 9:09 am


The most recently added characters are at the top of each list. Check there for new connections!

*** indicates a muggleborn character

Good Guys

Spoiler: For heroes, do-gooders, civilians, and innocent bystanders show
    Location(s):UK - INTEL alliance.
    Activities: Followed deatheater groups covertly, obliviating muggles left alive. Providing the OotP with any information she found out along the way.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Any! The more the merrier!

    Location(s): UK, London
    Activities: Hiding, creating potions/explosives/poisons/etc., healing
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Nazira escaped capture after being nearly sent to Azkaban. When she was found, she assisted in creating healing salves and deadly potions, harvesting ingredients, etc.

    Location(s): UK
    Activities: One of the Hawthorn Farm resistance fighters, bombmaking for other resistance groups.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Clients, fellow Hawthorn Farm fighters (all deceased), let's discuss!

    Location(s): UK
    Activities: Resistance, Snatcher-hunting.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Fellow fighters, bad people, people to rescue.

    Location(s): Hogwarts
    Activities: Dumbledore's Army (student), Battle of Hogwarts.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Other canons/students in the same year.

    Location(s): UK
    Activities: Resistance, Snatcher-hunting.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Fellow fighters, bad people, people to rescue.

    Location(s): UK
    Activities: Resistance, Snatcher-hunting.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Fellow fighters, bad people, people to rescue.

    Location(s): UK
    Activities: Resistance, Snatcher-hunting.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Fellow fighters, bad people, people to rescue.

    Location(s): UK, worldwide
    Activities: Muggleborn smuggling in her Quidditch team's flying tour bus.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Teammates, resistance contacts, people she helped smuggle out of the UK.

    Location(s): UK
    Activities: Werewolf resistance, beasthunting.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Fellow beasthunters, enemy werewolves.

    Location(s): UK
    Activities: Rescuing and relocating at-risk people, light murder.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Resistance buddies, rescues, enemies.

    Location(s): UK
    Activities: Assisting the OotP, fighting Death Eaters.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Former Ministry coworkers, older resistance fighters.

    Location(s): UK
    Activities: Assisting the OotP, fighting Death Eaters.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Former Ministry coworkers, older resistance fighters.

    Location(s): UK
    Activities: Healing wounded soldiers and civilians, fieldwork.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): People on either side that he might have saved.

    Location(s): UK
    Activities: Creating cyphers, intelligence work.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Resistance groups she might have worked with.

    Location(s): UK
    Activities: Forging proof of magical heritage, intelligence.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Clients, resistance groups she worked with, the werewolf that turned her (see profile).

    Location(s): UK/Most of Eastern Europe
    Activities: Initially just moving her family; until her mother was killed in a standoff, Charlotte hid her father and obliviated him in Greenland and began to hunt down Death Eaters and Snatchers. She used almost any and all tactics to aid in her and her allies’ survival; using magic, physical skill and a tanto knife with a knuckle guard she managed to get off of someone.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Obviously one where her mother was killed in the standoff, ones where she cooperated with other rebels, and those undercover to get information on the locations of Death Eaters and Snatcher camps. Anything else, feel free to come talk to me.

    Location(s): Mostly the UK
    Activities: Tracking Snatchers and Death Eaters, locating camps, guiding muggleborns, infiltration and execution.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Any :D

    Location(s): London, UK generally.
    Activities: Kieran went completely off the reservation during the war. He changed up his appearance, his identity, vanished into the underbelly of the city to evade capture by the MRC - there was even a rumour about that he'd been killed in a standoff with Snatchers - and began hunting the dark side. His use of magic during that time was minimal to better avoid detection. Instead, he primarily used brutal, destructive muggle methods, because no one ever expects to get shot in a wand duel.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Obviously Kieran had to have been coordinating with someone, or a network of someones, to determine when and where to strike. It's very unlikely that he worked alone because his skills don't run to tracking. He also probably came across other fugitives, who he would've helped out, so that's another possible avenue.

    Location(s): London, UK
    Activities: Muggleborn Freedom Fighter with her brother and some of his friends. She was talented with a wand, and was good at logistic kinds of things. She probably wasn't very strong willed or just strong in general, but she was passionate and always tried to do the right things.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): She needs some bad things to happen to her. She protected muggleborn peeps as well as fought against the oppression in general. **Maybe a guy or gal whom she make a connection with during the war. Probably has not contacted them since the war has ended though.

    **PM or Skype me if interested

    Location(s):London, UK, can travel maybe
    Activities: Liam was a total muggleborn freedom-fighter person during the Second War and on the Ministry's list of "undesirables." He was sabotaging Death Eaters/Snatchers, probably running surveillance, and trying to get muggleborns to safety.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): fights with Death Eaters/Snatchers, helping out muggleborns, injured and needs healing, I'm open to ideas!

    Location(s): London, the UK, can travel to various locations/safe houses around the world
    Activities: With the help of several friends, he helped muggleborns escape and hide from Death Eaters & Snatchers.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Fighting with bad guys, saving/hiding muggleborns, getting injured and needing healing

    Location(s): St. Mungo's, London
    Activities: Maya worked mainly at St. Mungo's as a healer during the war and often went into the field to heal people on-site. After work hours, she worked at an underground clinic that treated muggleborns in secret.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Healing muggleborns and other good guys or bad guys, being interrogated about the underground clinic

Bad Guys

Spoiler: For Death Eaters, Snatchers, and other villains show
    Location(s): UK, Europe, The Hollows
    Activities: General, Knight of Walpurgis
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Fellow Knights, subordinates, enemies.

    Location(s): UK, Europe, The Hollows
    Activities: General, Knight of Walpurgis
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Fellow Knights, subordinates, enemies.

    Location(s): The Hollows
    Activities: Making potions/explosives for Voldemort's forces.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Fellow Knights, double agents inside the Hollows.

    Location(s): UK, The Hollows
    Activities: Snatching.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Fellow Snatchers, people she killed or tried to.

    Location(s): UK, Europe, The Hollows
    Activities: Knight of Walpurgis
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Fellow Knights, people he killed or tried to.

    Location(s): UK
    Activities: Werewolf Army 2nd in command, eating people.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Fellow W.Army wolves, enemies.

    Location(s): UK
    Activities: Werewolf Army soldier, eating people.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Fellow W.Army wolves, enemies.

    Location(s):Hollows, UK/London, Almost anywhere/everywhere he was needed
    Activities: Tortured and executed blood traitors, muggleborns, anyone who opposed the Dark Lord. Giving out tactics to aid in infiltrations, head-on attacks, and battles.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): All the threads >:3

    Location(s): UK
    Activities: torture, transmogrifian torture, kidnapping, attacking muggleborns, she wouldn't do something as plebian as work, but she'd do stuff at Voldemort's bidding
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): omg anything, especially torture, kidnapping, sending people to prison, killing friends, fights, etc.

    Location(s): UK
    Activities: Being a snatcher, a legilimens, a seer, evil stuff. He has a soft spot for younger kids, so he might let go easy on certain muggleborns.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): snatching yo people up, torture, being sort of nice while being evil, I'm open to ideas!

    Location(s): London, UK, can travel
    Activities: Death Eather & Snatcher
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): ANYTHING EVIL. GO NUTS.

50 Shades of Grey Guys

Spoiler: Double agents, people who switched sides, informants, and the otherwise morally ambiguous show
    Location(s): Mostly St. Mungo's, London, in and another Britain (1992-1994), and later Paris, France (1994-1997)
    Activities: Healing (she was a trainee Healer until 1994, a Healer after that)off the books; "research and development" -- i.e. spying, gathering information; creating violent and damaging hexes; some petty theft; conspiracy; in once instance, she slipped an Auror poison in the hospital to cover up a crime; etc.
    Between 1992 and 1994 she also slid into a messy situation with a DE/DE-type who was able to exploit her, for spells as well as more personal sorts of torture (using her friends as leverage to tie her to cycle of blackmail, manipulation, and assault/abuse).
    In 1994, she cut and ran to Paris, taking up a small job as a Healer. She was less involved but still connected, in the ways listed above.
    In 1997, after her mother (an Auror) was killed in action, she turned herself in and turned in many others (mostly French wizards and witches, and not all these charges stuck, as she was a relatively small fish in the frying pan) and went to Azkaban.
    She escaped in 2001 and has been living in hiding since, as Anna Green.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Former acquaintances who may have used her services as a healer/spell-creator/information-gatherer. Anyone who would like to be tied to the plot where she slipped the Auror poison to cover up. The one particular acquaintance who was blackmailing/abusing her. Aurors who may have known her mother. An Auror who potentially she trusted enough to turn herself in. People she healed on either side. Possibly -- POSSIBLY -- someone she passed information along to when things got very rough towards the end (she didn't turn properly, so it would be subtle). Also, people she turned in. People who killed her mother. Etc. I'm open, hit me up!

    Location(s): UK
    Activities: Mysteries experimentation, internal Ministry resistance, Battle of Hogwarts
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Fellow Mysteries colleagues, people they experimented on, resistance contacts, other Battle of Hogwarts veterans.

    Location(s): UK
    Activities: Ministry compliance, feeding information to Voldemort's forces (undiscovered).
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Dark side contacts.

    Location(s): UK
    Activities: Ministry compliance, feeding information to Voldemort's forces (undiscovered).
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Dark side contacts.

    Location(s): UK, France
    Activities: Making bombs/other devices for the resistance, selling out the Hawthorn Farm group to the Death Eaters.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Dark side contacts.

    Location(s): UK, Europe, The Hollows
    Activities: Undercover work on the orders of the French Ministry, cooperation with the OotP, impersonating a Death Eater.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Faux-victims, actual victims, co-conspirators.

    Location(s): UK, Europe, The Hollows
    Activities: Undercover work, cooperation with the OotP, impersonating a Death Eater.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Faux-victims, actual victims, co-conspirators.

    Location(s): UK
    Activities: Resistance, Snatcher-hunting, theft, sabotage.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Resistance contacts, bad people, people to rescue.

    Location(s): Mainly London/UK
    Activities: Feeding falsified information to the authorities, leading Death Eaters and Snatchers to Muggleborn safe houses, “torturing” muggleborns, and making unsavory deals with the authorities. Keeping the Fillions family safe.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Pretty much anything, probably some where she ALMOST gets caught onto ;3

    Location(s): London
    Activities: Being heavily watched, being shown what being a pureblood is, eavesdropping on meetings and feeding rebels intel.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Any :3

    Location(s): Mostly London
    Activities: snatching, harboring death eaters, causing mayhem when possible
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): former death eaters/baddies who might know his identity? that would stress him out since he's so ~respectable~ now lol

    Location(s): London/UK
    Activities: Helping muggleborn, torturing/mistreating muggleborn and others against ministry.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): He would have had "friends" on both sides, until of course he was caught helping Muggleborn peeps get out of the country.

    Location(s): UK
    Activities: She was part of the werewolf contingent of Voldemort's army for half of the war until her group disintegrated, defied orders, and ran away. After that, Voldemort's people were after them to make an example of deserters.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): bad guys to chase her, good guys to attack, being injured and needing healing, turning people into werewolves :3

    Location(s): mostly Ministry of Magic & UK, but can travel
    Activities: As an original Order of the Phoenix members, Kingsley had to do some questionable shit to convince the Ministry of his loyalty. He pretended to be a loyal Ministry Worker while secretly being an active OotP fighter and informant.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): fighting against good guys, terrorizing muggleborns, injured and need healing, being sneaky around bad guys, fighting against bad guys, carrying out the Ministry's evil orders

    Location(s): mostly Ministry of Magic, London, UK, but can travel
    Activities: Snatcher, brute force hitwizard, and secret informant to Order of the Phoenix. occasionally sabotaging missions. He was more of a free agent and would help out the OotP but was not totally reliable.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): fighting against good guys, terrorizing muggleborns, injured and need healing, being sneaky around bad guys

    Location(s): Ministry of Magic, UK, traveled frequently to various strategic locations
    Activities: Convinced the Ministry of his loyalty by being a particularly thuggish Snatcher. Secretly, he formed a small resistance group and instructed other witch watchers he trusted to follow orders while sabotaging certain missions and gathering intel to feed to the Order of the Phoenix. Later in the war, he blew his cover to protect a key strategic asset and fought as a good guy since.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional):fighting against good guys, terrorizing muggleborns, interrogation and torture, injured and need healing, being sneaky around bad guys, fighting against bad guys, saving muggleborns, saving good guys

    Location(s): London
    Activities: Lola ran away from home to protect them and hid out in Knockturn Alley during the war, working numerous seedy odd jobs in return for her keep and doing whatever necessary to survive. As a metamorphmagus, it was easier for her to stay hidden, but her cover might've slipped a few times.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Being harassed (or worse) by bad guys. Being found by a Snatcher. Helping out/ratting out other muggleborns. Getting caught in the middle of a fight. Even though she's technically a halfblood, she doesn't know who her father is and can't claim his lineage, so "legally" she's muggleborn. IDK, I'm open to lots of ideas w/ her. Hit me up!

If you'd like to add a character to Individual Character List, use the following form:

Code: Select all
[size=150][center][color=#FF4040][b]ADD MY CHARACTER[/b][/color]

[b]Faction[/b]:  GOOD/BAD/GREY[/center][/size]
[b]Is this character a muggleborn/unable to prove their blood status? [/b] Y/N

[b]Plots/Connections Wanted (optional):[/b]
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Re: Second Wizarding War

Postby twufoo » Sat Aug 13, 2016 9:39 pm

Spoiler: inactives show
    Location(s): London, England
    Activities: Employed after the Ministry fell to the control of Voldemort, Sunny conducted unsavory experiments on muggleborn corpses and studied objects that Do Not Exist and Have Never Existed by order of the Ministry.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Anyone who also worked for the Department of Mysteries at this time.

    Location(s): UK
    Activities: Isadora was involved with the Werewolf Army at this point, so she was basically following along with anything Greyback or Voldermort commanded the WA to do.
    Plots/Connections Wanted: Need anyone ripped/almost ripped apart, turned to a wolf or basically scared to half death during the war/Battle of Hogwarts, I'd be up for that. Or any wolves who had been around during that point who wanna thread with this weirdo are welcome!

    Location(s): Safe Spots around the UK and later Azkaban.
    Activities: When it was obvious it wasn't safe for Muggles at Hogwarts anymore, Effy was helped by a group of Muggle Freedom Fighters, but thanks to a leak the group she was placed with ended up dead or captured. She spent the last five+ months of the war in Azkaban.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Anyone who had been involved with the Freedom Fighters who helped her (for better or worse)/other Muggles from her group, other students she may had been friends with while she attended Hogwarts and other victims of Azkaban. But, anything works for me, honestly c:

    Location(s): The New Forest
    Activities: Hunting Death Eaters and Snatchers/helping muggleborns on the run
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Fights with Death Eaters/Snatchers, allies, muggleborn fugitives

    Location(s): UK - Hogwarts and Family Home
    Activities: Rory didn't really accomplish much during the War, she spent most of it at home trying to ignore her parents and not freak out that her brother was missing and her sister was alone at school, but she was there for the entirety of the Battle of Hogwarts.
    Plots/Connections Wanted: She lost her sister during the Battle, so perhaps a thread with someone who was healing during the battle but hadn't been able to save her, any threads before she graduated would be fun (she was a typical bitch to Muggleborns, but didn't actually hate them, so this could open some fun plots), and basically anything else you could think of!

    Location(s): London
    Activities: Part of Auror training program, was put under Imperius Curse and under the curse she passing on sensitive information
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): A person who put her under the Imperius Curse, the person who started the rumor she was not cursed, but was actually a Death Eater

    Location(s): Ministry of Magic and London
    Activities: Hitwizard, snatcher, and harmed targets directed by Ministry (controlled by Lord Voldemort).
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Questionable stuff~ :3

    Location(s): The UK (all over the Graham estates), Gambling dens
    Activities: Hiding in his family estates. Once the Ministry fell, he left his job to safety and did as his brother directed him. Sometimes he was able to hide Muggleborns in the estate. Though, he spent much of his time inside the house or various gambling halls.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): People he hid with (in one of his family's estates), people he gambled and drank with.

    Location(s): London, Ministry, etc maybe
    Activities: Was at Ministry, briefly imprisoned until Muggleborn Registration Commission hearing, wand taken, stayed at home (how boring) in London throughout rest of war. BUT THIS CAN CHANGE!
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Somebody coming to her for help so she can be dragged into the action amg would be wonderful. Also, snatchers / other weirdos starting shit with her even though they took her wand and stoofs already will make for interesting threads! If any sort of reason came up for why she wasn't sent to Azkaban with the rest of the muggleborns, it would be amazing omgasdfj.

    Location(s): Just outside a teeny town near Northumberland National Park, London, The Burrow, many other places briefly.
    Activities: In the Ministry keeping her ear to the ground until the Battle of the Astronomy Tower, then on the run fighting Death Eaters and Snatchers keeping Muggles and other Muggleborns safe. Was present at the final showdown.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Run-ins with Death Eaters/bad people, patrols/hunts with good people, protecting the Muggleborns.

    Location(s): The UK
    Activities: Designing robes & fashion
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Lisa woudln't have gone after anyone. She mainly wanted her and Oz to survive, but if the Death Eaters did take over she would have wanted for them to have influence and not be persecuted for it. Maybe something where Oz is being threatened if she doesn't encourage him to comply? Not sure, but I'm up for anything.

    Location(s): He didn't even know half the time. 12 Grimuald Place,Some forests, Gringotts, Hogwarts
    Activities: Camping, stealing stuff, destroying personal property, accessory to murder.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Okay so obvs there isn't a lot of room for war time activity threads with Harry, but threads directly after, dealing with the direct aftermath/fallout. Rebuilding and shit like that.

    Location(s): The Ministry and later Azkaban
    Activities: Just trying to go about her job at first, then later being accused of stealing magic, standing trial, and being hauled off to Azkaban.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): It could be fun to have Azkaban buddies. Well, perhaps fun is the wrong word. But someone who was in Azkaban with her. I'm not really interested in actually playing out anything super brutal or violent. So like, prison down time? talking through walls?

    Or just threads with convos about the Muggleborne registration. She signed up willingly, being too naive and trusting to think anything bad could happen. Or something directly after the war when she's being releasted. I imagine she went to st mungos to get checked out.

    Location(s): London
    Activities: Evelyn stayed in London when Germany recalled all of their diplomats, and leaked information out of the Ministry to Germany, to prevent the Death Eaters from staging a similar coup. The Death Eaters eventually attempted to arrest Evelyn, but she escaped and went on the run.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Well, she was spying for Germany, so I suppose that could of brought her into conflict with anybody who was on the Death Eater's side (or pretending to). And she's not exactly got many contacts in Britain, so people that could of helped her. And anything else too :)

    Location(s): The Ministry of Magic mostly.
    Activities: Mostly he tried to keep his head down and avoid notice. But his father is a Flint, a pureblood, and the Flint family has known DE connections. His bitch ex wife tried to get him to join but he wouldn't, and it ultimately led to their divorce.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Could be cool to have some people who know his family try to chat him up for enlistment, Or someone from the good guys talking to him too so try and feel out his loyalties. Or maybe something involving a true muggleborn and him somehow offering to help? IDK. HIT ME UP I AM GAME!

    Location(s): UK, Hogwarts
    Activities: was a Senior Auror during the first part, was at Hogwarts when Harry came back, in the Order, then went on the run as fugitive in resistance during the second part
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): I'm up for anything. Love to write. She was at Hogwarts due to to TriWizards, and went on defense around grounds.. then joined the Order and fought in the war.. her family had to go on the run to Croatia. Could do chasing down Death Eaters, investigations, spying, just day to day stuff, meetings with good people. She did survive the war too, and doesn't have any serious/permanent injuries.

    Location(s): Hogwarts
    Activities: Emma was a Slytherin who stood against voldemort and his death eaters. Was tortured by the carrows for protecting mudbloods and refusing to use the cruciatus curse on fellow students. Fought in the battle and survived with minor injuries.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Anything!!

    Location(s): Hogwarts & surrounding areas
    Activities: Emma was an orphan. She had been outcast as a Slytherin, already unable to prove her blood status, so when they started searching out mudbloods, she started running and hiding. Luckily growing up in the foster system gave her the survival skills she needed.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Emma wouldn't like help, because of her pride, but if the situation demanded, she would ensure her survival by [most] means possible, even if she had to reluctantly accept help.

    Location(s): UK, most places, most notably ministry & hogwarts locations
    Activities: Fought against death eaters; hid muggleborns and their families with his wife. Actively tried to get the Death Eaters away from his job.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Anything! Joel's pretty banged up, b/c he lost 3 people in the battle of hogwarts. He can go with anything, honestly!

    Location(s): London, Manchester, wherever
    Activities: Security (breaking into things and securing things), Intermediary/Contact
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Um, basically anything -- she should have beenn up here a long time ago LOLOLOLOL

    Location(s): London, wherever he was needed
    Activities: Security (breaking into things and securing things), Fighting, Interrogation, Macking It
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Um bring it! Did they fight together? Against each other? Did he bang your roommate? Did he break into your house? BRING IT

    Location(s): London
    Activities: Xavier worked for the Department of Mysteries before the war, but when the Muggle Registration situation came about, he went on the lam. He took up vigilantism as a hobby, so he was attacking lots of purebloods as he worked for the resistance.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Purebloods he tortured, whose family members he may have tortured or killed, resistance buds for ADVENTURE, people who healed him, or whateva!

    Location(s): London/wherever she was stationed
    Activities: Espionage, Subterfuge, Hiding in plain sight, Taking down the man.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Any and allllllll

    Location(s): Parts Unknown & Hogwarts
    Activities: Potions Professor and Head of Slytherin House. Fleeing around the country from possible Death Eater recruiters near the beginning of the war, he eventually agreed to return to Hogwarts where he was quite happy keeping his nose out of things. His first reluctant involvement was his revelation to Harry about the horcruxes, arguably one of the greatest contributions made to the war effort. When Snape became Headmaster, Slughorn, like his fellow Heads of House, actively sought to protect his students from the wrath of the Carrows. Luckily for him, the Carrows avoided direct confrontations with the Head of Slytherin, whether it was out of respect or coincidence, Horace never cared to find out. During the Battle of Hogwarts, Horace appeared a coward when he guided his students to safety, but later returned with many reinforcements from the town and his own house.
    Plots/Connections Wanted: Any

    Location(s): London, England
    Activities: Still a leading member of the Wizengamot, Eudora was one of the few people who dared to speak out against Fudge's senseless attacks on Harry and Dumbledore, a stance that would see her shunned by her fellow Warlocks. She refrained from actively participating in the war as a combatant and like most other Ministry Employees, was compelled to remain mindlessly loyal to the ideals of the Ministry from Fudge to Thicknesse. Under Pius, she allowed herself to become a stagnant rubber stamp for what she knew was Voldemort's puppet government. It wasn't until rumors of Muggleborn Legislation that she fled the country for Ireland. Eudora did not return until the war ended, when she again took up her role as an interrogator in for the war criminals. This time around she was much more harsh on repeat offenders and saw justice finally done on many who had escaped the first time.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Would love to participate in some of the trials, such as Umbridge's

    Location(s): Hogwarts, Hogsmeade
    Activities: Angelina was part of Dumbledore's Army and was summoned to the Battle of Hogwarts by a fake coin given to her by Hermione Granger.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Any.

    Location(s): Hogwarts, The Room of Requirement, Hogsmeade
    Activities: Given her age, Cho only had indirect connections to the Order of the Phoenix proper, but was adamantly loyal to Dumbledore's Army, being one of the first to join in the aftermath of Lord Voldemort's murder of her lover. She did a lot of the recruiting for the organization in her sixth and seventh years, helped train younger students, etc. After graduation, she remained on, in hiding with them, and did whatever she could to assist Dumbledore's Army and protect Hogwarts students from the Carrows. As one of the older and more loyal members of the Army, she probably would have commandeered some of the more dangerous missions herself, given orders to other members, overseen training and attended strategy meetings.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Probably more to do with DA vs. the Carrows / The Battle of Hogwarts than OotP vs. DE, given her age. She'd be very active in the DA though, and willingly would volunteer for just about any mission regardless of the risk (as she was arguably borderline suicidal anyhow). Essentially, If you were in the DA or working closely with them, you probably interacted with Cho a lot.

    Location(s): London
    Activities: Hiding! Running! Lots of hiding and running. She had a crew of muggleborns that she was hiding with, probably 3 or 4 of them in total. She was the unofficial morale-keeper-upper, but everyone else just tended to just get annoyed with her.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Um. Muggleborns to hang with. People chasing her / being mean to her / whatever. Someone catching her?

    Location(s): Mostly the London area, St. Mungo's for the stretch of time leading up to the Battle of Hogwarts, but he was present there.
    Activities: Keeping Muggle-Borns and Blood Traitors and such hidden away in his home, and helped different people relocate themselves away. He played his roles in the shadows, and managed to deface a bit of property with graffiti, and he also kept a careful eye on his mother, visiting her frequently in St. Mungos.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Maybe one of Hunters co-workers were in his house at the time, or at St. Mungos they would bump into each other or something. I don't know, Hunter is open for anything you have in mind.

    Location(s): Hogwarts, London, family country house in the northern countryside
    Activities: Working for the Ministry, maintaining the family estate
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): The Burkes are related to a good many pureblooded wizarding families, including the Blacks, the Malfoys, and others. They also were sent to Azkaban because Imogen's brother turned them in. So I'd love to do an interrogation of her (I'm guessing she would have been if her parents went to Azkaban), or for her to have helped in very small ways. She has a soft spot for werewolves, so any werewolf that wasn't actively doing horrible things could probably have received assistance from her. She's really compassionate and didn't believe in Voldemort's whole deal, but she also probably laid pretty low because of being surrounded by purebloods and possible death eaters. >.> OMG let's put some pressure on Imogen!

    Location(s): London, Azkaban
    Activities: Adam was trying to hide himself and his sister from the Snatchers and was captured (and maybe tortured?) in order to help his sister get away. After that, he was imprisoned in Azkaban.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Someone to chase/capture Adam! Also, maybe some prison mates?

    Location(s): London, other places in the UK
    Activities: Celia was snatched from her parents' home in London shortly after the Fall of the Ministry. She spent the duration of the War under the control of the bad guys - whether having her mind searched at the Ministry or in holding at Azkaban or wherever else we might be able to come up with.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Enemies - the Snatchers that took her and killed her parents, Death Eaters, any sorts that might've done bad things to her during the War. Friends, too - did she bond with any other prisoners? A sympathetic baddie that felt bad for doing things to a half-blind teenage girl, so he'd sneak her chocolate frogs when no one was looking? Friends from therapy? I'd love some nitty-gritty history threads with her; she's been put through the wringer in a lot of nasty ways.

    Location(s): London, the UK
    Activities: Prior to December 1997 - Retrieving intel on enemy movement and sabotaging enemy strongholds. Making various health potions as well as bomb-like potions. After December 1997 - Probably hiding out somewhere, still trying to be productive in other ways.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): People she made potions for, Someone to team up with, Witnesses and bystanders to something she blew up, her needing healing, maybe some close calls with some Grey area ppl, and a solid place to hide for a while.

    Location(s):St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries, London in general, Manchester on occasion.
    Activities: Primarily he worked in the hospital, tending to patients. Ethan could have been dragged into any manner of chaos in the streets, as he lived in London at the time. Also, his mother/ her side of the family live in Manchester. She's a muggle and he'd be keen on knowing she was safe.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional):Ethan could mend your character at St. Mungo's! Also, he's a half-blood, so there could be trouble there with any bad guys there. Anything, really!

    Location(s): St. Mungo's/London
    Activities: Healer - while St. Mungo's was never partisan during the war, the mediwitches and wizards there tending to anyone who came in, Nico's sympathies were obviously very much with the Order, and was on call as a healer to the Order when she was needed, as well as tending to many of the injured during and after the Battle of Hogwarts.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Maybe Nico saved your character's life! Maybe they worked together at St. Mungo's! Maybe your character was a dark wizard who messed her up! I AM OPEN TO ALL THE THINGS

    Location(s): UK, can travel further
    Activities: Snatcher, and a particularly... vicious one. Has trouble with the idea of morals and having a conscience and so forth. Very briefly and fleetingly impersonated Floyd Gravel, at various points, but not for any extended periods of time.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): People for him to do bad things to! Literally anything goes! Also, maybe some things with him impersonating Floyd (as an MLE patrol officer, we can also establish a pre-existing friendship that he can ruin or something, if you want!).

    Location(s): mostly London, can travel
    Activities: Hitwizard, Imperius'd for the majority of the war to do awful things. There wasn't really much limit to the things his handlers had him doing.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): People to hurt?

    Location(s): London, England and surrounding areas
    Activities: Took orders from the Ministry to keep from being tortured/killed herself, but covertly worked with others in her department to attempt to help those wanted by the Ministry.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): People she has helped escape capture, people she failed to help, co-workers that knew/were working with her secretly to do what they could, etc.

    Location(s): The Ministry, Europe in general.
    Activities: Vale worked for the regime-controlled Ministry for a short time before he was caught out as a rebel. He disappeared shortly thereafter, continuing to operate in a clandestine fashion until after Voldemort fell.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): omg so many things. Allies? ENEMIES?? He was like a cat with nine lives during the war, so any sort of scrape/close call could be fun. Also if you need a Ministry official to like, drag your character out of their bed in the middle of the night/ interrogate someone/ do regime-controlled Auror stuff, Vale's got you covered. This is why he's a sexy shade of grey. :3

    Location(s): The Greater London area, UK, wherever she was sent.
    Activities: Hitwizardry, Snatching, sabotage, double agency, hooking the OotP with info, kicking good guys' asses for show, kicking bad guys' asses for fun and purpose
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): I am down for some Very Bad Things to happen to Fiona, for her to be fighting people, for her to be interrogating people, torture, battling, dueling, FIST FIGHTS, umm... stuff. :D

    Location(s): London, The Ministry of Magic, mobile
    Activities: Xara secured at job at the Ministry because she wanted to change the world, though her timing could have been better. She managed to secure a position as a liaison to Hogwarts through connections of her pureblooded family as matters were beginning to really sour. She flew under the radar, refraining from making any waves.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): While Xara wouldn't have taken an active part in the war, she definitely would have been involved in subversion in any way she could have. As a seer, she may have had visions that were of some use to the OotP. Available for: Interrogation, feeding information to the OotP, bystander, being sneaky around the bad guys.

    Location(s): Abroad (Paris, Mumbai, occasionally Stockholm), available for London
    Activities: Kala was at this time working for the Ministry as an International Wizarding Lawyer.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Information brokering? Espionage? Being sneaky around the bad guys? Canoodling with good guys and bad guys?

    Location(s): Hogwarts, England, mobile
    Activities: Pansy, of course, was still at Hogwarts during all of this, and obviously tried to give Harry up to Voldemort in order to save her own ass (and everyone else's). That didn't work out, but I'm interested in exploring things.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Pansy being intimidated subtly or overtly by Death Eaters/Dark Wizards/other bad guys, or her family being so; Pansy being witness to some horrendous Death Eater/Evil Ministry brutality; I'm open to whatever!

    Location(s): all over the UK, can travel further if necessary
    Activities: Was often mistaken for a Snatcher named Henry, so he used that to his advantage and tried (unsuccessfully) to sabotage whatever operations he could, and fed any and all information he came across to the OotP, or people who would find it useful.
    Plots/Connections Wanted (optional): Death Eaters/Snatchers questioning his loyalty, having to prove his loyalty/commitment by doing Something Bad, or whatever
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Re: Second Wizarding War - UPDATED

Postby Morgan » Tue Feb 07, 2017 4:46 pm


Faction: GOOD

Is this character a muggleborn/unable to prove their blood status? N

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[url=http://theministryrpg.com/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=2129]MACAYLA CARTER[/url]
[list][b]Location(s):[/b]UK - INTEL alliance.
[b]Activities:[/b] Followed deatheater groups covertly, obliviating muggles left alive. Providing the OotP with any information she found out along the way.
[b]Plots/Connections Wanted (optional):[/b] Any! The more the merrier!
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Re: Second Wizarding War - UPDATED

Postby Niky » Wed Feb 22, 2017 9:33 am

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[url=http://theministryrpg.com/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=1842]Maile Winchester[/url]
is part of the Rabble Alliance (Calrissian Cell).
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Re: Second Wizarding War - UPDATED

Postby Aluinn » Wed Feb 22, 2017 9:43 am

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[url=http://theministryrpg.com/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=2133]Siri Ouma[/url]
is part of the Rabble Alliance (Calrissian Cell).
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Re: Second Wizarding War - UPDATED

Postby Aluinn » Thu Feb 23, 2017 1:11 pm

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[url=http://theministryrpg.com/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=2148]Cecil Wetmore[/url]
is part of THE CLINIC. (as a guard)
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Re: Second Wizarding War - UPDATED

Postby Mac » Wed Sep 06, 2017 1:07 am

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[url=http://www.theministryrpg.com/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=2316]Reggie Malone[/url]
is part of the Rabble Alliance.


Faction: GOOD

Is this character a muggleborn/unable to prove their blood status? Yes. Muggleborn

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[url=http://www.theministryrpg.com/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=2316]REGGIE MALONE[/url]
[list][b]Location(s):[/b] Various safe houses and compounds around the UK. Probably did not travel outside the country.
[b]Activities:[/b] Helping coordinate rescues and training recruits for the Rabble Alliance. Marion Dangerfield's right hand man.
[b]Plots/Connections Wanted (optional):[/b] Trainees, rivals, muggleborn's needing saving
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Re: Second Wizarding War - UPDATED

Postby Mac » Wed Sep 06, 2017 1:07 am

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[url=http://theministryrpg.com/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=2309]Peggy Malone[/url]
is part of the Rabble Alliance.

Faction: GOOD

Is this character a muggleborn/unable to prove their blood status? No. Halfblood.

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[url=http://theministryrpg.com/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=2309]PEGGY MALONE[/url]
[list][b]Location(s):[/b] Traveling around the UK and possibly elsewhere. Mainly located in safe houses.
[b]Activities:[/b] Helping muggleborns escape and ensuring the missions were safe.
[b]Plots/Connections Wanted (optional):[/b] Muggleborn refugees, battle buddies, nemeses.
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Re: Second Wizarding War

Postby Fluffy » Thu Jan 11, 2018 12:39 pm


Faction: GOOD

Is this character a muggleborn/unable to prove their blood status? Muggle born

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[list][b]Location(s):[/b] Canterbury, UK.
[b]Activities:[/b] In hiding with wife and son. Patching up broken devices. Writing articles for underground news papers (his wife mostly), falsifying documents, anything that was needed and could be done on location.
[b]Plots/Connections Wanted (optional):[/b] Anything. They would have been in touch with those in resistance forces to deliver their work and get supplies. Also, I am willing to adapt the story somewhat and say multiple people stayed in that apartment (can be a house) they were staying in. Also, at one point during their time in hiding, Tom's wife miscarried. If it works for plots, they may have brought her to the clinic, since she couldn't have gone to st Mungo's.
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Re: Second Wizarding War

Postby Gary » Thu Jan 18, 2018 7:26 pm

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[url=http://theministryrpg.com/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=2358]Xavier Audley[/url]
is part of INTEL.


Faction: GREY

Is this character a muggleborn/unable to prove their blood status? N

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[url=http://theministryrpg.com/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=2358]XAVIER AUDLEY[/url]
[list][b]Location(s):[/b] London
[b]Activities:[/b] Artifact & Equipment Crafting, Intelligence gathering, Forging documents, Double Agent
[b]Plots/Connections Wanted (optional):[/b]Work as a double agent in the Ministry, until early 1998, where he is considered dead, though in reality joining the Death Eaters and recooperating. Soo, threads with anyone short of Voldemort himself really are open. Closer to his "death", the more psychologically strained he will be.
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