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~*Things You See In The Graveyard*~

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~*Things You See In The Graveyard*~

Postby wednesday » Fri Jul 31, 2015 8:47 am

::The Player::

hi my name is wednesday, to answer your question: yes i was born on a wednesday im 24 and i enjoy watching a lot of tv and consuming vast quantities of cheese friesabout mePM: sure thing!
On this thread: You beychya!
On Player Organizer: Yep yep!
E-mail: I check it fairly regularly, ask for it!
Skype: shekeepsmeworm i try to get on once a day!
Tumblr: Super active!! ask for it!
contact info
one mean meme machine

::Sunny Delightful Fairweather::

Sunny Delights by I MonsterTheme SongSunny Fairweather is the last direct descendant of a sketchy pureblood family tree. Her mother died in a magical explosion and the infant was put up for adoption. Sunny grew up in a muggle household as the only child of the Fairweathers. She attended Hogwarts in the years 90-97 in the Slytherin house. Sunny was employed basically directly out of school where she worked in the Department of Mysteries during the Second War. She was participant in some fucked up stuff, probably.

Instead of being fired, she was administered a series of memory obliteration charms and memory altering charms. Her past self somehow found out about this and sent her present self clues in an attempt to reclaim her memories. Because of her work in the Second War and suspicious absents during Jail Break, some co-workers understandably question her loyalties.

She is currently still employed in the Department of Mysteries today. Here, she specializes in the study of death. Her interest in said topic is obsessive and extensive.
Age: 23
Sex/Gender: Female/Woman
Sexuality: Demiromantic/Omnisexual; a dominatrix type, would fuck sentient non-humans (but maybe not centaurs 'cause she's afraid of horses), prefers the romantic company to woman than men; prefers much older people,
Wand: Hazel, 11", Augurey Feather Snapped
Animagus Form: Unknown
Patronus: Unknown
Boggart: Last time she's dealt with a Boggart, it was a false centaur (a horse with another horse end as a torso instead of a human horse)
Love Potion Smells: Decomposing flesh matter in humid heat, blood on concrete, fresh cut gardenias and chocolate
Quick Info
note: these are sunnys opinions

Gracie West: Nice to talk too, still a tad angry she pretended to not know about magic for so long around me. I should get even for all these necrophilia jokes but that would be a waste of time.

Xaiver Tavares: What a presumptuous blowhard! But I should apologize to clear the air maybe? He is kind of cute.

Deville d'Arnaud: Really RUDE that she didn't come down when she said she was going to!!!! Who DOES that???

Benjamin Grayson: I know a face of someone who likes to play games when I see one! I think I might have someone to play with now? Also very pretty.

Nasir Whitaker: Bothersome busybody, I remember seeing him around a lot when I was at school which is odd seeing that I didn't get out much, he's so attractive and filled with life-- what kept him locked up in the common rooms with the rest of us "outsiders"? He's better to have around than some of my other co-workers but don't tell him I said that!

Victoria Knight: Its great to have a strong witch like her be in charge! I think she likes me best. Haha, take that inferior co-workers, ghehehe.

Sam Finkleston: Uuum, he's really tall and he ruined my life that one time.
Old Classmates. She was sorted into Slytherin but anyone who attended school then would be great! Looking especially for a dorm mate.Want Ads#Jailbreak: during the events, she and sam finkleston had an unfortunate medical incident and was absent during all the excitement down @ the dom; because of what occurred there and sunny's general behaviors her coworkers likely have understandable misgivings about her loyalties

#Madlabs: an easy breezy assignment on a beautiful tropical island is turning out to be the unluckiest day of her entire life

::Lazarus Coffin::

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark by Fall Out BoyTheme SongLazarus is the only son of the Coffin family. He inherited the shop when he graduated as incentive to keep out of the war; not that he would have joined and risked his skin like that. He was likely more involved at the store front than he ever would be if he joined the ranks of the snatchers or death eaters. He attended Hogwart's in the Slytherin house in 89-96. He was a slightly below average student and is overall a mediocre wizard; but what he lacks in magical power he makes up in business skills. He plans to turn the struggling shop around by any means necessary.ProfileAge: 23
Sex/Gender: Male/Man
Sexuality: Pansexual/Panromantic; prefers his women submissive and his men better off than him
Wand: Vine, 6", Dragon Heartstring
Animagus Form: Unknown
Patronus: Unknown
Boggart: Homeless begger (that looks a lot like him)
Love Potion Smells: Burning metal, drying ink, melted wax, dust
Quick Info
wipRelationshipsBusiness, Business, Business! Shady wizards, old slithering classmates, pureblood fumbling in the [fall out boy voice]dark, dark, dark[/fall out boy voice] artsWant AdswipPlots

::Nicholas Jennings Sr::

Free Bird by Lynyrd SkynyrdTheme SongNicholas Jennings Sr for all intent and purposes is, a dead man. His finances have all be divided out to his friends and family, he had a lovely memorial services and fresh flowers are placed semi-daily on his grave.

He is, of course, not dead. During the Battle of Hogwart's he transfigured a fallen wizard and took off into the wind. He now takes on odd jobs from the Death Eaters/Knights in order to assure his families protection, everything he's done he's done for his family…or so he tells himself.
Age: 46
Sex/Gender: Male/Man
Sexuality: Heterosexual/Heteromantic, he still wears his wedding ring, he may have a one night stand here and there but still very much in love with his wife
Wand: Pink Ivory/13"/Nundu Heartstring [Note: Stolen from a wizarding museum in Dubai]
Animagus Form: African Leopard
Patronus: African Leopard
Boggart: Images of his family in various states of being dead
Love Potion Smells: wip
Quick Info
note: these are nics opinions

Victoria Knight: My beloved; somedays, it hurts me to have done this to you and our children… Most days, I don't think about you at all.
People from his past, pre-'dead', time turner stuff!Want AdswipPlots

::Alberta Lovelace::

It's a Jungle Out There" by Randy NewmanTheme SongAfter living a rather chaotic childhood, Alberta Lovelace has settled down into a nice, safe and boring routine. Her greatest love in life is the mathematics of magic, her most notable work in on the number 4; which is regarded to be the most unfortunate and boring number for one to be born under.

She is currently employed at Hogwarts as the Arithmancy teacher, where she makes sure the students wash their hands before sitting down at a thoroughly sterilized desk.
Age: 61
Sex/Gender: Female/Woman
Sexuality: Asexual/Aromantic, she's been on a grand total of four dates in her entire life
Wand: Elm, 10", Unicorn Hair
Animagus Form: N/A
Patronus: N/A
Boggart: N/A
Love Potion Smells: N/A
Quick Info


Face claim: richard Ayode
Personality: The Maverick Leader|| pioneering*irreverent* entrepreneurial
Backstory: You were bullied as a child
Need: To prove your worth as a not-sucky person

Quirk/Other: Has a large collection of some kind of mundane object
Bloodstatus: Squib, Greatgrandson of Proffesor Merrythought
Wand: None
Occupation: Muggle Liaison Office; Telephone Communication
Anthony Merrythought
Face claim: Cathy Morganforman
Personality: The Anarchist||volatile*startling*chaotic
Backstory: You were once terribly addicted to something and are on the road to recovery
Need: To prove your manliness

Quirk/Other: Can't stand to do the same thing every day
Bloodstatus: Squib, son of retired auror
Wand: None
Occupation: Muggle Liaison Office; Telephone Communication
David McFarlan
face claim: Cathy Morganforman
Personality: The Provocatuer|| clever*adept*contemporary
Backstory: You were once terribly addicted to something and are on the road to recovery
Need: To prove you're the biggest baddest mofo around

Quirk/Other: Compulsive liar

Bloodstatus: Squib, daughter of influential lobbyist
Wand: None
Occupation: Muggle Liaison Office; Telephone Communication
Kimberly Jones
Face Claim: Noel Fielding

Personality: The Drama|| theatrical*emotive*sensitive
Backstory: You fell in with a bad crowd but have since reformed your ways.
Need: To overindulge in bloodshed

Quirk/Other: Flosses at the table after every meal

Bloodstatus: Vampire
Wand: None
Occupation: Muggle Liaison Office; Telephone Communication
Alexis Godin


lol!!! ive been major procrastinating on this! but i finally put it all together! i screencapped the comments on the old threads so dont worry if you were worried about that!july 23 2015
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Re: ~*Things You See In The Graveyard*~

Postby Kirby Liane » Thu Sep 17, 2015 2:28 pm

Lazarus or Sunny for a rp with Elora? She's 21 year old former ravenclaw a bit of a bookworm (she works in f&b) who loves to party... even if she did accidentally wake up married to a stranger after a night out xD
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Re: ~*Things You See In The Graveyard*~

Postby Linn Anna » Wed Sep 30, 2015 12:19 pm

I think Theo and Lazarus would hit it off. Theo sort of fills then man and woman role nicely, would love to see what sort of mess they could get into :D
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