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Donald seeking a thread!

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Donald seeking a thread!

Postby Masked Mask » Fri Mar 17, 2017 3:12 am

Donald Malory's
RP Request

(pic optional)

1) What is one plot or relationship you'd love to RP with this character?
I'm entertaining the idea that Donald starts to fall for a ladyfriend, they'd have to be older than 40 however haha, he ain't no cradle robber! However besides that I'm completely open any ideas that people wanna swing my way.

2) What is one part of the character's backstory you'd love to explore through RP?
Oh his time in the wars, certainly. Maybe one of the death eaters that killed his family in the first war is still at large? It says that was the only one to get out of that house alive but who knows, a death eater may have escaped which could lead to some nice epic dueling.

3) Create an open thread (or roll one up in Accio) and post it in gJoin My Thread, Yo! Explain here what kind of character you'd like to join. Behold! I'm not too picky but seeing as it's at Hogwarts it'd make sense if it was a student or a teacher there.

4) Any other optional information about this character
He's a bit of a grouch but he means well. He's also very gifted with enlargement charms.
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