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The Napoleon of deception

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The Napoleon of deception

Postby Masked Mask » Tue Apr 18, 2017 2:57 am

Horatio Sherlock's
RP Request

1) So if anyone has read his bio and his threads, they'd know that I'm heavily influenced by Sherlock Holmes with Horatio, hell just look at his name. But I've decided to go all out and have him be a PI/consultant Wizard and while the site has a few brain boxy PI's (Lookin' at you Basil :P) I still wanna explore it. The only problem is that he's got a job as an investigator! So the question becomes, how does a man so good at his job, get himself fired?
Answer: Give him a nemesis.

Originally, I wanted a sort of office rivalry for laughs but the more I thought about it and read up on characters, I discovered that idea had grounds to grow into a full on conspiracy. My Request is this: Are there any corrupt and/or dirty Ministry employees, preferably in high ranking offices, who'd like to do Battle with one of the best crime busting minds the Wizarding world has to offer, and win?

Get the guy fired, humble him, have him spiral into depression and drugs because he was beaten by a smarter opponent, set an Assassin on him at his lowest! Maybe got a bit carried away there haha. Again I fell on Sherlock desires and had the character Stan Finkleston picked out but then I realised that was no way to RP at all. So I'm opening up the floor to anyone in the Ministry, male or female. Can be existing or if you got the muse for it, make one up, it doesn't matter to me at all. We can plot it out more in depth when someone's made up their mind.
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