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Eve Roleplay/plotting request !

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Eve Roleplay/plotting request !

Postby Emma » Fri Dec 29, 2017 4:02 pm

RP Request

1) What is one plot or relationship you'd love to RP with this character?
There's a few, hopefully I'm allowed to list multiple here...
- Romantic-wise: preferably some Knight of Walpurgis or someone from the Hollows that fell for her in the time that she was there circa 2001-2002 or from back in school days. Since then, she's kinda always held a candle, but realizes they'll likely never work out because well... it's a threat to the whole charade she's created for herself in mainstream culture. But hey, maybe your sunk your claws deep enough in her that she'd run off with you, who knows. Maybe you got married since and she'll find out about it and it'll crush her. I'd like there to be someone who knows how evil she is and still accepts her-- or, even someone who realizes it and leaves her for it. Otherwise, she probably dates, has some shitty exes, and random hookups.
- Enemy-wise: I'd love for there to be a couple people from Hogwarts who just frankly, don't buy her whole doctor-do-good act. She was from a sizable pureblood family, so there's definitely been suspicion but she's played her cards well to fend it off. People from school probably know she's got a cunning streak though and I'd love for there to be one or two in magical law enforcement that had a history of hassling her or that she screwed over somehow and they just don't get along at all.
- Work-wise: I'd like her to actually have patients and perform her job for other characters on the site! She's a great confidant and she's actually super insightful. She's also a former mediwitch so maybe she worked on you and helped you or a loved one in the war. Or, maybe you suspect her of magical malpractice.
- Family-wise: She hates her younger sister who sold out their parents. I imagine she's estranged from most of the others except maybe one. I'll probably create some kind of family wanted ad, but it'd be cool to have cousins or something...
- Friend-wise: I think she's likely to have some superficial social friends from school or work. Maybe one best friend with lengthy history? She's pretty guarded, so I'm not sure it's gonna involve all the deep dark secrets but it'd be nice to have someone to unwind with. For all the healthy psychotherapy that she preaches, she's has a tendency to not practice healthy habits herself (drinking, etc.)

2) What is one part of the character's backstory you'd love to explore through RP?
I think exploring her work as a mediwitch resident in the second war would be really interesting... I think there were probably a lot of times where she genuinely did care and help people... but also times when she could've been more helpful than she was and let someone die that she could've saved to serve her own secret agenda. I'd also find it interesting for people from the Hollows to use her as an ally in the city.

3) Create an open thread (or roll one up in Accio) and post it in gJoin My Thread, Yo! Explain here what kind of character you'd like to join.

4) Any other optional information about this character:
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Re: Eve Roleplay/plotting request !

Postby Gary » Sun Jan 07, 2018 1:15 pm


So Xavier is around her age, always been slightly crazy, and has highly fluctuating morals for himself, so he kinda ignores anyone elses. If you wanna do something, lemme know! I'm pretty open, and Xavier has open history for the most part.
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Re: Eve Roleplay/plotting request !

Postby Emma » Sat Jan 13, 2018 2:38 pm

Hi Gary! SO SORRY i didnt see this/crazy week. I'd love to! Xavier seems pretty cool :) Based of Xavier's profile and what you say here.... we could do a couple things? I'm not really sure where he was around 2nd war-time (if he needed a mediwitch or ended up in Mungos at all they could've interacted) or when exactly he ended up in hollows. But if he was there around 2001-ish we could do a post of them running into each other in Hollows woods if he was collecting stuff for his experiments or maybe she wanted a potion for something weird and stopped by his workshop or something?

If he comes to London for anything (supplies?) in present time, we could have them run into each other as well. She was 2 years ahead of him in school and in a different house-- and kind of kept to herself too lol so I'm not sure their paths would've crossed too much back in the day unless he either sought her out or knew her younger siblings. Thoughts?
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Re: Eve Roleplay/plotting request !

Postby Fluffy » Tue Jan 16, 2018 1:11 pm

Hi Emma!

If you're interested I can make Tom a client. I think the wife only wants him back if he "deals with his issues". And I need threads with Tom. I can totally see him doing therapy half-heartedly, but secretly totally checking Eve out (yeah he would). He's the only character I have to offer atm. Let me know!

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Re: Eve Roleplay/plotting request !

Postby Emma » Tue Jan 16, 2018 6:56 pm

Hey Fluffy! Lol that sounds great! If you wanna start thread you can feel free -- otherwise I can probably get one up tomorrow night :) so excited!!
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