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Poppy Flynn doesn't like your attitude.

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Poppy Flynn doesn't like your attitude.

Postby Sander » Fri Jan 05, 2018 6:16 am

Poppy Flynn


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Poppy Flynn
Age: 16
Status: Half-Blood
Job: Student
Education: Hogwarts, Ravenclaw
Sexuality: Undetermined.
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Now, Class, say hello...

...to your new classmate Poppy. She likes tearing your stuff apart, taking creepy pictures of you when you're not looking and being way too friendly.


I have finally have a character who isn't such a raging mess! Poppy just wants to chill out, hang back, read some books and graduate on time.

She could probably use a whole bunch of friends. Maybe a friend who is a bit more dominate than she is to motivate her to interact with people. She's not at all interested in love, at all, and would rather spend her time doing literally anything other than flirting. So probably no boyfriends or girlfriend, unrequited crush perhaps. An enemy might be someone who thinks she's just too friendly and over the top, but if Poppy thought someone didn't like her, she'd be all over them trying to fix that.

Can your students come out and play?
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Re: Poppy Flynn doesn't like your attitude.

Postby twufoo » Fri Jan 05, 2018 12:50 pm

Freddy could definitely think she's just too friendly and over the top?

Or idk, he might go the way he did w/ Henry and be ok with it?


MAYBE AFTER SHE TOOK PICS OF HIM AND ZELDA TOGETHER IDK? I'm up for anything, or if you want to do some #bishes photos
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Re: Poppy Flynn doesn't like your attitude.

Postby Niky » Fri Jan 05, 2018 3:23 pm

I think she and Talia could be friends! Talia hangs with the mean girls but she's not really one of them at heart so she'd probably find hanging with someone who was genuinely nice a relief. And her interest in art could complement Poppy's interest in photography?
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Re: Poppy Flynn doesn't like your attitude.

Postby Sander » Fri Jan 05, 2018 4:36 pm

I love both of these ideas!

@Twu: I agree! Let's smush them together and see what happens. Imma read the Zelda Freddy thread from the beginning cause I didn't read it all.

@Niky: I think Talia and Poppy would make amazing friends! I was hoping you'd think so too. Let's get them together too!
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