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Vera [c'mon, swipe right for friends!]

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Vera [c'mon, swipe right for friends!]

Postby Emma » Sun Jan 21, 2018 12:35 pm

RP Request

Short version: Vera is the black sheep of her shitty, death-eater supporter family and makes a point to make up for it in her career as a hitwizard.
Pros: very loyal to people with shared values, stands up for the underdog (it’s that cursed chivalrous streak.) She’s very capable at her job and improvising. Usually pretty easygoing.
Cons: She’s impatient, bit abrasive/snarky, and tends to just dive into shit and figure it out as she goes along.

1) What is one plot or relationship you'd love to RP with this character?
- Best Friends/ Friends-turned-family! Since her fellow Gryffindor friends from school were really who opened Vera’s eyes to the wrongdoings of the times and supported her through basically turning on her own parents, I’d love to be able to RP out some tight-knit friendships from school that are more like family and have persisted into adulthood. Vera is deeply kind, caring, and protective of those she’s closest to. She would help you fix a problem in the middle of the night or go along with an absurd idea for fun. She’s not bubbly, all-up-in-your-face kind of friendly, and way more of a follower than a leader. Her dutiful complacency with the mistreatment of others (people of lesser blood status, wealth) was a big issue during her first couple of years at hogwarts and she's not perfect but Vera is very responsive to being held accountable for her actions or lack thereof. She was challenged by her peers and she challenged them back until she was better educated to recognize the puritanical way she'd been brainwashed by her upbringing. She's one to banter with you, to tease and prank you in good humor, and to stand up for you when the world has you down.

- More friends! Vera is by no means outgoing; in fact, probably the only way she speaks to someone new is if they say something she thinks is rude or looks like they need assistance. But, I’d love Vera to develop friendships with others in MLE or related departments. Get into trouble with her. Pull pranks on her. She drinks, she smokes, and she will playfully threaten to shiv you if you eat her pint of ice cream in the break room freezer. But seriously, don’t fuck with her ice cream: i.e. don’t dish out what you can’t take.

- Frenemies in MLE: Vera is… a little bit prickly to pair up with certain personalities I imagine. This isn’t true-frenemy territory because theyre on the same side and Vera would have their back in field always, but I’d like there to be some peeps she doesn’t really mince words with and banters/argues with over well… how to best approach a situation or they get irritated because she doesn’t like to sit at a table and plan every little detail out. Maybe it’s her fault they got splinched one time. You get the idea.

- Dueling partners: For job and well, just practical personal defense purposes, Vera def needs a sparring buddy or two that if things were to well… go awry, are trustworthy enough to get her the medical attention she’ll need. She’s still kind of a young hitwizard in the grand scheme of things so having MLE mentors would be great!

- Enemies: People that fight for pureblood supremacy or have some axe to grind. Someone who’s heart she broke because she cheated?

- Romance: idk; she’s probably an off/on hot/cold kind of deal. Got commitment issues. Mostly acts oblivious to attempts these days. Past flame/ex from school days maybe?

2) What is one part of the character's backstory you'd love to explore through RP?
- If anyone was same year/age and wants to be that Gryffindor housemate she was supposed to do a cruciatus curse on back in the day under the Carrows and then didn’t do it—that was a pretty significant part for her transformation.

3) Create an open thread (or roll one up in Accio) and post it in Join My Thread, Yo! Explain here what kind of character you'd like to join.

Lol, I’ll get on this. sooon.

4) Any other optional information about this character: Probably the most redeeming quality about Vera is that she can admit when she's been wrong, and that she'll make it right.
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