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BBCode Tips for Trackers

Trackers for your characters's threads, plots, prompts, and whatever else you want to throw in! Put trackers for groups, like families, here too.

BBCode Tips for Trackers

Postby twufoo » Mon Jul 21, 2014 9:15 pm

Tip 1: Search by Author

Use the [ author ] tags to create an easy link to all the threads that a certain character has posted in.

All whitespaces must be replaced by plus signs + for this to work.
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For example:
    Code: Select all
    Larry Hotter's Threads: [author]Larry+Hotter[/author]
Displays as:

Tip 2: Keep Track of Ships or Plots with Hashtags

Use the [ ht ] tags to hashtag a thread with whatever ship or plot you want to keep track of.

You must include ht before the name of the hashtag. Alphanumeric characters only, no whitespaces.
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For example:

Displays as:
Twu's Twerkshop
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