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Trackers for your characters's threads, plots, prompts, and whatever else you want to throw in! Put trackers for groups, like families, here too.

JJ's Tracker

Postby JJ » Tue Nov 01, 2016 3:17 am

Alannah Morgan

Alannah's Threads: Thread ListTracker Pre-Azkaban (August 1974 to January 1997)
1978, October: Dancing Bears, Painted Wings with Reese Ware
1988, October: Sorta-Kindred Spirits with Sebastian Adonide
1992, November: (TW) Flesh Wounds with Katya Ohanian
1994, December 22: (TW) Parts Unrecognised with Cherilyn Elliot
1996, April: The Flame and the Moth with Dorian Belmont

Azkaban (January 1997 to December 2001)
1998, August: I left my home on hollow bones with Demyan Polynkin

Post-Azkaban (December 2001 to August 2003)
2001, December: The Fix with Liam Parker
2002, April: Payday with Liam Parker
2002, September: Penguins Are Jerks with Liam Parker

Present Day (August 2003 onwards)
2003, August 28: Remains of the Cookie with Jace Frye

2003, September 4: Step Into My Parlour; Would You Like Some Toast? with Mikael Thurston
2003, September 17: I read the news today, oh boy with Austin Jeong
2003, September 28: An Eye for an Eye, a Book for a Book? with Lexy Kerrith

2003, October 3: And there is grey between the lines with Mikael Thurston
2003, October 17: Apparently There's A World Out There with Pedr Blevins
2003, October 19: Now my song is getting thin with Oliver Esquivel

2003, November 6: Don't Get Me Started with Reese Ware
2003, November 7: Trouble That Can't Be Named with Reese Ware

Amy Grant

Amy's Threads: Thread ListTracker January 2003: Aftermath with Clara
January 2003: The Strangest Custom with Clara, David, Marcus, and Charlie Grant

Maud Vermeleun

Maud's Threads: Thread ListTracker December 24, 1989: One Last Time with Noel and KoenTimeline
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