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[Finished] EVENT: The Quidditch World Cup 2001

[Finished] EVENT: The Quidditch World Cup 2001

Postby twufoo » Sun Jul 06, 2014 9:34 pm


The Mexico vs. Australia national quidditch teams will be competing against each other this year for the World Cup! During the weekend of the game, most fans portkey to the site, although they can also floo to a nearby fireplace, drive, or go by broom. The fans will all be staying in tents in the valley behind the stadium, with most people spending the night after the game.

For characters that actually keep up with Quidditch stuff, you can learn more about teams below.

Spoiler: team trivia show
Mexico Quidditch Club:
    - Won back in 1809 against Romania
    - Red, white, and green robes with a golden eagle as their mascot

    - Guillermo Diaz is Keeper, been keeper for ten years, logged nearly 14 saves against Croatia, whom they beat to advance
    - Rafael Marquez is Seeker and Team Captain, he's been on the team for over 12 years now, this will likely be his last Cup
    - Marcos Corona y Javier Peralta are the beaters, the youngest starters on the team.
    - Hector Reyes, Raul San Martin, y Miguel Moreno are Chasers.

Australia Quidditch Club
    - Won the 1966 QWC
    - Made it to the quarterfinals of the 1994 QWC
    - Robes are Emerald Green with a golden kangaroo on the back.

    Keeper, Johnny Nuhaka
    Seeker - Lucy Karoonda
    Beaters - Kelly Whakkaarangapawarau and Kylie Meadows
    Chasers - Matthew Echunga, Maria Monteith and Kenneth Hastings

How it works:

    We're starting with pre-gaming/tent-gating!

    Join up in the pre-game main thread and link up any branching threads here. No sign-ups are necessary. All characters who can feasibly attend can come! You can decide yourself whether your character is attending for leisure or a work obligation.

    Approximately 2 weeks after we've started pre-gaming, we'll put up the main thread for the actual game. Stay tuned.

    If you create a branching thread, remember to include the following hashtag at the bottom:
    Code: Select all

Thread List

All participants will receive a golden snitch!

The Golden Snitch

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