Medical Professionals at the Ministry

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Medical Professionals at the Ministry

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    All medical professionals undertake two years of basic training. This is a rigorous program that consists of all day instruction as well as a concurrent internship program at a medical facility.

    The first year of this program consists of core curriculum and teaches extensive first aid, anatomy, common medical procedures, common medications/potions, and common counter jinxes. After the first year, the student must decide whether to pursue an advanced specialization or to continue training as a professional nurse. The second year consists of classes that prepare the student for either of these courses.

    Qualifications: To enter basic training, applicants must have NEWTS in Charms, Transfigurations, and Potions.

    Job Title (During Education/After Graduation): Medical Intern/Nurse


    Advanced specialization programs last an additional two years on top of basic training. These programs consist of concurrent instruction and residency at a medical facility. The demands of these programs are intense, similar to working two full time jobs with irregular hours.

    Qualifications: Applicants must complete basic training to advance into specialization. On top of the previous requirements for basic training, applicants must have NEWTS in Herbology and Defense Against the Dark Arts, for a total of five NEWTS.

    Job Title (During Education/After Graduation): Resident Healer/Healer, Resident Mediwitch/Mediwitch, Resident Psychotherapist/Psychotherapist


      Healers learn a broad number of fields and their training covers family and general medicine, long term care, palliative care, general surgery, and holistic health. Their training has a greater focus on herbology, potions, and customizing potions for the long term care and individual needs of their patients. They typically work inside the clinic by appointment or drop-in, though home or other personalized visits are not unusual.

      Mediwitches are specialists in emergency medicine. They are the magical equivalent of EMTs and ER surgeons. Their training focuses heavily on treating traumatic injuries and powerful hexes from dark magic. They are often the first responders to the scene of an accident, and their work day typically involves either a great deal of travel off-site or high stress situations inside the operating room.

      Psychotherapists are specialists in neurosurgery, treating brain trauma, psychiatry, and psychology. Their training focuses on developing the mental rigor needed for legilimency, memory charms, and other neuromagic. They typically work inside the clinic by appointment or drop-in, though home or other personalized visits are not unusual.

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