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About Forbidden Fruits - Real Wizarding Life RP

Real Wizarding Life Forum RP... play all your favorite real people!

About Forbidden Fruits - Real Wizarding Life RP

Postby twufoo » Wed Aug 24, 2016 1:25 pm


Conrad Verner has opened up a "Real Life" forum RP where your characters can roleplay whoever they'd like, whether they're "real life" people or OCs. This forum is located on the protonet, or wizarding internet.

Repeats of the same character/face claim are fine! The Forbidden Fruits forum RP is not moderated very strictly.

Use your regular character account for your posts and format them with the following template:

Code: Select all
[box][center][h]Character Name[/h][/center]
Post text
[center]Optional Signature[/center][/box]

Spoiler: example show

Harry Potter


"Or what? Your father will hear about this?" Pressing Draco's hand firmly against his rock-hard man pecs, Harry stepped forward and smoldered at him.

~*Behind Emerald Eyes...*~

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