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Site Restrictions on Magic

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Site Restrictions on Magic

Postby From the Desk of the Minister » Sun May 10, 2015 2:47 pm

Site Restrictions on Magic

This site uses the following restrictions on spells in order to keep some of the crazier elements of Potterverse magic in check. This document will be expanded upon as needed in the future.

Wandless Magic:

    Wandless magic is extremely difficult and takes decades of experience to produce even the simplest charms. The only exception to this is the uncontrollable magic that underaged wizards sometimes demonstrate.

    Due to the special bond between a wizard and their wand, the easiest wandless magic spell is a summoning spell for their own wand. This spell only works if their wand is nearby. Skilled wizards usually begin to be able to perform this spell during their 20s.

    A wandless summoning spell for anything other than their own wand usually takes decades of experience. Again, the item must be very close by. Exceptionally talented wizards begin to be able to perform these spells sometime during their 40s.

    Older witches and wizards may be able to cast additional types of wandless magic. Please discuss any other ideas for this with an admin first.


    Apparition is tiring, and it can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour to fully recover from apparating somewhere depending on the distance and wizard's skill. Repeated apparition without proper rest runs a high risk of splinching. International apparition is illegal without a special license and highly dangerous due to the risk of splinching across several thousand miles.

    Apparition requires a wand. It must be carried somewhere on the wizard for the spell to work. Apparition with a broken wand is a surefire way to splinch oneself.

Unsupported Flight:

    This is a spell created by Lord Voldemort in 1997 and is known only to elite Death Eaters/Knights of Walpurgis. It is an extremely difficult spell that requires great focus to use, meaning that one cannot fly and effectively cast additional spells at the same time. Use over long ranges is tiring.


    These are advanced spells that are easiest to cast while pointing one's wand at the target, maintaining eye contact, and using the verbal incantation "legilimens." This initial proficiency can be reached at a minimum age of 20 for the most skilled witches. Before then, the spell is extremely unreliable.

    Legilimency may not be used wandlessly. The site's interpretation of canon examples where professors use legilimancy in seemingly "wandless" situations is that the caster must have their wand somewhere on their body, meaning the magic isn't truly "wandless."

    More difficult forms of legilimency take far longer to learn and are less effective. The most skilled legilmens who dedicate a great deal of practice to the art will be able to use the spell nonverbally, without pointing their wand at their target sometime during their 40s, and during their 60s they might be able to master the ability to use this spell without eye contact.

    Using legilmancy in everyday interactions carries a heavy social stigma. It is considered inappropriate and offensive among peers when used without permission. However, it is more acceptable for parents to use on children or professors to use on students. Those who have had some training in Occlumancy, usually older targets, can detect when someone is attempting to use legilimancy and attempt to resist it.

Disillusionment Charms and other Stealth Spells:

    Disillusionment charms are unstable during fights, and attacking someone else causes them to flicker and fade. Other stealth charms (such as a quietus charm) function at reduced efficacy during fights.

    The spell Homenum Revelio can be used to cancel disillusionment charms.

Time Turners:

    Use of time turners is restricted. The Ministry's stock of time turners was rendered useless during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries in 1996, and it is extremely difficult to acquire one. If you'd like to involve one in a thread or plot, please contact an admin first.
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